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Brief counsel on an important topic

A friend in church wrote a more mature believer asking help to better listen to the Lord:

So, I would like to be not so up in the air about knowing when God is talking to me. Or, be a better listener. Could you give me a little guidance on that?  I think it is a start that I’ve reconized some of the times the Spirit is speaking to me. But, I still question some.  Are there some Bible passeges I could study to further my recognition of this or some obedience that would make it more clear. Sincerely, Your Brother in Christ

This mature believer asked me what I thought. I thought I would share here what I wrote. Perhaps it is helpful to others. Perhaps I am off target and one reading here can give further insight.  Continue reading


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Another Transition

I am trying out this WordPress blog to replace the other blog I have been using. I will bring the old posts over and then after this system has been tried a little bit, I will use the domain name we have so this blog can be accessed directly with our web address. Continue reading


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