Another Transition

I am trying out this WordPress blog to replace the other blog I have been using. I will bring the old posts over and then after this system has been tried a little bit, I will use the domain name we have so this blog can be accessed directly with our web address.

There have a been a couple of problems in the old system we have been using. The comment section and other widgets were not working consistently. Second, some of you who read the blog have wanted to share your insights with others. This would make this blog site more of a community effort for our mutual edification and support in our respective ministries.

The common bond we are looking for is found in the name of our ministry: s5Lifegate. We are people who have entered the life gate opened by the Lord Jesus. And we are people who are in active ministry where the Lord has placed us, a place where we are brought into conflict with the gates of hell as we minister the life found at the life gate. And we are a people who share the five “s” ministry priorities.

s1: Scripture. The reformers recognized the place of God’s word in the life of the believer and of the church. This was summarized in Latin as, Sola Scriptura. The Bible is the inspired word of God; it is inerrant, sufficient, clear authority for doctrine and practice. We seek to hear and obey all God instructs. My friend Ridge Lipovac coined my favorite phrase summarizing the instructions for the growing Christian: “Open Bible, Insert face, Daily.”

s2: Salvation. Salvation comes from God’s grace alone. Our justification is received by faith alone. Our first priority is leading people to a true salvation through the good news of Jesus Christ. Paraphrasing what Jesus said, what good is it to get everything you want but to lose your soul? To do abundant good deeds but to lose your life? And furthermore, being born again is the foundation for all the other work God does in our life.

s3: Son of God. Christians have a vital relationship with the Lord Jesus. He is our high priest, our mediator. Jesus’ lordship over the church is real and practical. I think it is tragic when Christians get so busy about the master’s work but have lost touch with the master. We are privileged to have a personal relationship with Jesus and to experience the reality of his Lordship in our daily lives.

s4: Spirit. The Christian life is a spiritual life, we are to walk in the fulness of the Holy Spirit. We are given spiritual gifts for effective ministry and are to manifest the fruit of the Spirit in our daily lives.

s5: Sanctification. Christians are to live by faith in holiness, becoming more like Jesus. This simple focus is the primary ministry of the church towards Christians.



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2 responses to “Another Transition

  1. Let’s see how this works!

  2. I think this may work very well. We’ll see what others say.

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