Brief counsel on an important topic

A friend in church wrote a more mature believer asking help to better listen to the Lord:

So, I would like to be not so up in the air about knowing when God is talking to me. Or, be a better listener. Could you give me a little guidance on that?  I think it is a start that I’ve reconized some of the times the Spirit is speaking to me. But, I still question some.  Are there some Bible passeges I could study to further my recognition of this or some obedience that would make it more clear. Sincerely, Your Brother in Christ

This mature believer asked me what I thought. I thought I would share here what I wrote. Perhaps it is helpful to others. Perhaps I am off target and one reading here can give further insight. 

Dear brother,

It is great that our young believing friend has a thirst to walk closer to the Lord, to listen to him and follow.

I am afraid that most of what tends to be said to someone who asks this question is counter productive. Like giving some steps to follow to improve a marriage. The very method of following steps in a relationship will hinder improving the marriage.

Essentially the counsel the young believer needs is the encouragement to build his relationship with the Lord, in simplicity of reality, walk with the Lord in his day. As he grows in the relationship he will also grow in knowing the difference between his own inner voice and the voice of the Lord.

The other thought that comes to me is that he might have something the Lord is telling him to do and he is ambivalent about doing it and wants to make sure it is the Lord for if it really is God then he would be willing to act. If this is the case, he needs to look at his heart to see if he really wants what the Lord wants. Nothing like a Bible study to procrastinate in following what the Lord has already shown you.

I am glad to hear the good updates of the prayer meetings. You all remain on my heart.



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