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Some thoughts on tattoos

A friend emailed me asked me my take on tattoos. It does amaze me that tattoos have grown in popularity and seem to be widely accepted. I have an association of tattoos with people who have done prison time or are in gangs. But a number of people have them now who don’t fit either of those two cases. When I see young people with tattoos, I think of what they will look like as they get older. “Body modifications” seems a foolish fad to me. On this level, one’s like or dislike of tattoos would seem to be cultural or individual preference. Continue reading


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Time to stay and a time to go

Recently I was reading in Genesis. I saw an example of a useful principle concerning staying in or leaving a situation we find difficult. One lesson I saw was that we cannot create a fixed rule which says to stay no matter what. There is a time to stay and a time to go. True and useful counsel must combine the principles of God’s word with the insight from God’s Spirit for those particular circumstances. Continue reading

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